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Frequently Asked Questions About Pool and Screen Enclosures

Q. Why Do Homeowners Build Pool Screen Enclosures?

Adding a pool enclosure over your swimming pool area is a great way to get more from your investment. By installing a pool enclosure, you effectively gain an extra outdoor room for you and your family to enjoy. Not only does this help to control excessive heat around your pool area, but it's also a great way to keep out insects and other unwanted pests, so they don't bother you or your family while you're trying to swim. A pool enclosure also helps to prevent debris from finding its way into your pool or onto your deck, cutting down significantly on the amount of cleanup needed.

Q. What Kind Of Maintenance Does A Pool Enclosure Require?

Maintaining a pool enclosure is a pretty simple task for most Deltona homeowners. By occasionally taking your garden hose and rinsing off the enclosure every so often, you can effectively remove most of the buildup you're likely to experience. For more stubborn areas, simply taking a bit of dish soap to the spot with a soft brush or a cloth is usually enough to remove it.

Q. Does A Pool Enclosure Need To Be Connected To My House?

That's up to you. Many homeowners choose to have their pool enclosure connected to their homes, while many others prefer to leave it as a free-standing structure. Whatever your preference is in this matter, our team of pool enclosure specialists will work with you to create a custom enclosure that fits your needs.

Q. Are High Winds A Concern For My Pool Enclosure?

As a Deltona pool enclosure specialist, our team of skilled pros here at Southern Screen LLC are no stranger to Florida's windy weather at times. We follow Florida's strict building codes very closely to ensure your new pool enclosure is able to withstand the high winds that sometimes come through the area.

Q. How Long Does It Take To Install A New Pool Enclosure?

The time needed to build a new pool enclosure largely depends on how big or complex the design is. However, building a new pool enclosure usually takes between two and four weeks, but since most of the fabrication work takes place off-site, your pool won't be out of commission that long. Any delays are usually due to weather.

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